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Changed "progcom" to the entire command "progcomments" in order to disambiguate it from any foreseeable future instructions.

Preset VptParse for hex quantities where by it wouldn't adavance the focus on string previous alpha chars while in the hex selection.

Adjusted behaviour of upload dialog these types of that even when the file is just not found, the gadget continues to be additional towards the listing.

Fastened bug observed when loading straight from VTPro-E, the dialog could have gotten hung at "Initializing..."

MeshnetMasterGetAcquireMode - preset possible flakiness in parsing which could return incorrect outcomes.

CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - Because of free of charge command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF modified timeout to 15s from 5s. Revealed to just take just about 5s.

Preset "No Bodily device observed message when uploading to the set of units including one or more xpanels.

Set difficulty from the scheduler wherever it could get hung in PumpMessage although requests have been ready in session queues. Add a max time poll cut-off date (def to 1s) wherein if no messages are available in inside this time, we drop via and look for requests. Overridable through registry.

Altered code for the foundation node to Show route and file identify of your SMW file now shown inside the tree.

Read through-only entry to ethernet parameters on TPMC collection panels. Must even now be established by way of Set up pages on the panel.

Additional added code in Preliminary product detection to detect sign debug statements and also to suppose the gadget is prepared for commands as soon as it sees any of these. Checks for "x03x01x0D" sequence.

SSL certificates are now validated. Certificates that fail to validate will result in a warning to generally be proven at enough time of connection.

Added extra method startup code in an make an effort to correctly adhere to comprehensive method restart even with significant processing immediately after CUZ initialization.

This put in replaces the previous textual content console using get more info a new far better Software. Workspaces saved Along with the outdated text console will probably be loaded with none textual content console windows.

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